Видео в Праге

Wedding video, Prague

One day Ilya acquired a new hobby – video-making. This creative process attracted him as an avenue to express his own vision of a narrative, to capture a memorable moment. He never even dreamed he would become a professional.

Today he is very happy to be involved in this exciting line of work. Although Ilya enjoys working in several genres – stories of people, their creativity, love, video-portraits – working at the weddings is closest to his heart.
Wedding is doubtless one of the most memorable celebrations in anyone’s life, which is why in his work Ilya strives to preserve and transmit that incredible, unique mood. A multitude of positive emotions is always expressed in his wedding videos. The aim of his work is to make people happy and to capture the most pleasant memories.

Love Story: Viktor and Marketa

The main role in the wedding videos is given to the newlyweds, literally glowing with happiness and excited to begin a new unforgettable stage in their lives. All nuances will be discussed with you before the event, so that the process will remain comfortable for you and your guests.

Vladimir + Tatyana: The Wedding Story

Ilya has often found himself on either side of the lens, which is why by choosing Ilya as the videographer for your wedding, you are choosing a professional who knows how to shoot correctly without interfering with the celebration and the guests’ enjoyment of the festive mood, as well as how to edit the material in a way that would allow for enjoyable re-viewing of all the magic moments many times over even years later.